Lawn Maintenance

Windfields Lane

Colorful, evergreen foliage plants make a great background for shrub roses on Windfields Lane in Woodstock.  Photo galleries show photos from before and after installation. AfterBeforeBeforeAfterAfterAfterAfterAfter Previous Next BeforeAfterAfterBeforeBeforeAfter Previous Next

More Color on Sherrer Drive

Roses, colorful shrub foliage, perennials, and annuals keep the color and interest happening all year long. ★★★★★ 5/5 Stuart Glass takes his work very serious and he is a reliable and dependable person. We are satisfied with his work and I would recommend him to everybody. —Scott H. in Woodstock, GA

Lakeside Pointe

The front of this owner’s house was baking in the sun. We brought relief by planting trees. Then, we underplanted the trees with easy-maintenance plants. Beauty in all four seasons.  5/5 Jean E.

Mixed Front Foundation Planting

The front of your home should be beautiful, not boring. We removed the “green balls” in front of this Woodstock home and put in a mix of flowering shrubs with fragrance, roses, colorful foliage, shrubs and perennials. BeforeAfterBeforeAfter Previous Next

Hope Presbyterian

Hope Presbyterian Church had a big, empty lawn at the corner of Wigley and Sandy Plains. The initial install has filled out and flourished over these many years of service and maintenance. BeforeInitial InstallationOne Year LaterOne Year LaterOne Year LaterAfter Previous Next