Landscape Design

Lakeside Pointe

The front of this owner’s house was baking in the sun. We brought relief by planting trees. Then, we underplanted the trees with easy-maintenance plants. Beauty in all four seasons.  5/5 Jean E.

Landscape Design at Wedington

Trees and undergrowth were getting out of hand in this back yard. East Cobb owner asked us to clean it up and make it a beautiful forest garden. BeforeCleanedInstallation More Wedington Photos

River Cliff Chase

Change this text to describe project. Front Yard BeforeInitial InstallationAfter Side Yard Back Yard BeforeBeforeBeforeInitial InstallationInitial InstallationAfter Other Photos Back YardInitial InstallBack YardOne Year LaterBack YardBackBackBack


Hardscaping and landscaping for swampy backyard.  We installed a slate chip pathway from the patio to the garden gate with landscaping designed for wetlands. We have completed three different projects: front foundation planting, swampy side yard solution, and drainage problem by back patio.  5/5 A very creative approach to landscaping that is beautiful easy …

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Ow to Wow

Took out overgrown, labor-hogging shrubs and put in pretty petite shrubs in a variety of colors and textures. The mix consisted of easy-maintenance flowering shrubs, perennials and foliage. BeforeBeforeAfterBeforeAfterAfter