Sandstone Steps

Eroding slope before adding sandstone BEFORE
Sandstone treads control erosion and create pathway. AFTER

This residence had an eroding slope that split the yard, and a thinning Bermuda lawn. We installed natural sandstone treads to stop erosion and allow foot traffic across the yard. We planted ground cover beside the stone to stop erosion. We replaced the sparse Bermuda with shade-tolerant Zoysia. The owner had a realistic grasp of the situation and made clear decisions. The owner was great to work with.

Beautify Your Lawn!


“Had some erosion on a small hill in my backyard that needed some attention. Selected Glasscapes on their responsiveness to come out and give a fair reasonable quote. Stuart is highly knowledgeable and professional in all aspects of his business. Gave an honest evaluation and what would work best within my budget. Broke my “wish list” into separate areas which helped me make easier decisions on what I could afford at the time. Stuart gave an honest start date and the work was completed within the time frame put out. Stuart provided care instructions which will help the renovated area succeed. If you’re looking to beautify your yard, consider Stuart and Glasscapes to do the job right!”

—Brook K. Woodstock, GA

sandstone steps AFTER

Improve your home’s property value with hardscaping, like these natural stone treads. The stairway of sandstone guides visitors down the slope safely, help control erosion, and look good! Sandstone is a superb construction material for outdoor use. It is solid, durable and easy to walk on.