Rock Riverbed at Cross Ridge Court

Done Right and Reasonably from Start to Finish

These photos show one of our projects from start to finish. We were asked to solve this homeowner’s backyard woes associated with their drainage ditch, which runs through the middle of their backyard. What this customer needed was a more effective drainage solution and a much more beautiful look, integrating the need for flood control with a visually–pleasing landscape. We began by correcting the course and banking of the drainage ditch, then installing weed barrier, followed by the installation of rounded river stones (in a color palette natural to Georgia). Once the drainage ditch was converted into more of a dry creek bed, we then went to work on landscaping the creek bed bank area with a variety of plants and flowers native to Georgia, with plants that tolerate soggy soil nearest the waterway. This installation solved both of the homeowner’s problems at a very reasonable cost.

Our experience with Glassscapes was seamless. The result? Problems solved! My wife and I reached out to Stu Glass to fix our backyard drainage eyesore. Glassscapes transformed our uneven drainage ditch into a beautifully landscaped dry creek bed, that is also able to handle large amounts of water runoff during our rainy seasons here in northwest Georgia.
Martin H

Prepping the Dry Creek Bed

Showing rain run-off
No stone bed and only a few hostas

Planting the Banks of the Creek Bed

After Photos

Two months later
After Install
Five months later