landscape gardening

Sandstone Steps

BEFORE AFTER This residence had an eroding slope that split the yard, and a thinning Bermuda lawn. We installed natural sandstone treads to stop erosion and allow foot traffic across the yard. We planted ground cover beside the stone to stop erosion. We replaced the sparse Bermuda with shade-tolerant Zoysia. The owner had a realistic […]

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Landscape Gardening in March

It is early March and, already in Georgia, signs of spring are apparent. Daffodils have popped up everywhere, and ornamental shrubs and fruit trees are starting to bloom. Applying Pre-emergent March is a good time to apply pre-emergent to your lawn. Pre-emergent products prevent germination of seeds in your lawn preventing weeds before they start.

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Arbor Springs Drive

BeforeAfterAfterTwo Years Later in JanuaryBeforeAfterBeforeAfterTwo Years Later in JanuaryAfterAfterTwo Years Later in JanuaryBeforeAfterAfterAfterAfterTwo Years Later in JanuaryAfterTwo Years Later in JanuaryAfterLawn of the Month! Previous Next Update! Additional “after” photos have been added, showing the landscape growth and winter beauty two years later. “Thanks so much Stuart. I love the way you transformed my front

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Complete Landscape Replacement: new sod, shrubs, plants. Fantastic Job!

In the before pictures, the homeowner’s landscape looked more like an abandoned lot, with tall dead grass. We gave it a complete transformation. ★★★★★ 5/5 Absolutely fantastic job! Communication was great, price was good value, service was excellent. Will definitely hire again. Couldn’t recommend more highly. —Michael R. in Acworth, GA Absolutely Job! BEFORE AFTER

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