Valley Reserve Court

Beautiful, Stable, Permanent BEFORE AFTER Railroad Tie Steps Replaced with Stone The railroad ties that formed steps on a steep slope were slick and collapsing.  We replaced them with sandstone step treads which are beautiful, stable, permanent, and are not slippery when wet. The owner is very pleased. BEFORE AFTER

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Edgemere Drive

BEFORE AFTER A steeply-sloped lawn with struggling grass was wasted outdoor space for the homeowner. So, we built a stack stone retaining wall, back-filled the wall to create flat surface, and created a terrace around their fire pit, with beautiful sandstone. Great Experience! ★★★★★ 5/5 “Had a great experience with Glasscapes. I had a steep

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Sandstone Steps

BEFORE AFTER This residence had an eroding slope that split the yard, and a thinning Bermuda lawn. We installed natural sandstone treads to stop erosion and allow foot traffic across the yard. We planted ground cover beside the stone to stop erosion. We replaced the sparse Bermuda with shade-tolerant Zoysia. The owner had a realistic

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Beckwith Trail

Early- and late-blooming varieties of camellias can be planted in your garden to provide flowers from fall to spring. Welcome spring with “Florida Sunshine” Illicium. Its chartreuse foliage, combined with the camellias bright blooms and dark green leaves, provide beauty and colorful contrast in the late winter and early spring. “Georgia Blue” veronica blooms in early

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 5/5 Great experience. Stuart and his team were reliable and completed the work quickly. He worked with me to customize the project exactly how we wanted. We are very pleased with the finished result! Caroline Tiller – Owner Great Experience! BEFORE AFTER Glasscapes replaced a sloping concrete walkway with a beautiful stone steps. There

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